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From 1:1 coaching to corporate workshops, we provide the tools and expertise necessary to navigate tricky conversations with ease; leaving you with a home in balance.

1:1 & Couples Coaching

Conversations centered around domestic tasks and invisible labor can be some of the most tricky (and triggering) of all. Let us facilitate the conversation in a way that feels supportive, non-judgmental, and productive. You'll leave with a clear plan and the tools necessary to foster long-term success. 

*Please note that while we are huge advocates of therapy, this is not therapy.

The DIY:

This includes one 90 minute call where we will learn about your pain points, share an overview of the Fair Play method, and create a custom plan that you will implement at your own pace. 

1 x 90 min session:


The Remodel:

Like any system in our home, sometimes the way that we manage "life admin" needs a complete overhaul. Let us help guide you through this oftentimes frustrating and overwhelming process. We'll do a deep dive to uncover your personal pain points, align on  standards of care, and establish a system that feels sustainable for the long-haul. 


3 x 90 minute sessions:

Group Classes & Events

There is SO much value in having these discussions in a group setting. Sharing and learning in community can be extremely validating, reassuring, and downright fruitful. We'll come together to discuss the core concepts of the Fair Play method, and leave with a deeper understanding of how (and why) to create more balance and equity within your home.  

Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on upcoming classes and events, and reach out if you'd like to chat about options for planning a custom class or event. 

Corporate Coaching & Workshops

The load that your employees are carrying at home directly impacts their work. Full stop.  By equipping your teams with tools to better manage their domestic load, you will improve their ability to focus; freeing up valuable brain space for the business. 

We offer group workshops, as well as 1:1 coaching for folks striving to maintain equilibrium. Reach out to learn more. 

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