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Creating equilibrium within the home.

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Welcome to Even-Steven

We create systems for individuals, couples, and groups looking to balance the domestic load and invisible labor within their homes.

The result?

More equity, more time, and more joy.



1:1 and couples 

From a one-hour "spot-treatment" session to ongoing coaching; we will work together to uncover your pain-points and create a custom system that works for you and your family.

Workshops & Group Classes

Learn, share, and grow in community with our workshops and group classes. We'll dive into the boundaries, systems and communication needed to create equitable households. 

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About Us

After witnessing firsthand the imbalance and gender inequity within hundreds of households, Libby Mukhi came across the work of Eve Rodsky, and was so inspired by her research and methodology that she went on to become a certified Fair Play facilitator. Utilizing the Fair Play Method, Libby supports and guides people searching for balance. 

Fair Play Certification
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